I'm Lourie Albanese
Real Estate Consultant

CPA General Contractor Real Estate Broker

Great Attention To Detail

Experience Experience Experience !!
I have 35+ years of unique and extraordinary experiences in combined skills of Building Construction, Accounting, And Selling Real Estate.

I know values. I analyze "crunch" numbers to great detail. Also, with my years of experience in the south Florida real estate market I know the neighborhoods and their potential.

I can greatly assist in recognizing and understanding the value of a home's features. I know home products and construction features. Many times, unfortunately, other real estate agents do not understand construction and can not properly assist you in the value of the components of a home.

I Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design Of Each House. If you need to remodel or just a quick fix of your furniture placement for "staging" I am ready to assist.