Builder Advantage Realty, Inc.

Why YOU should use a Buyer's Realtor

1. It will not even cost you a penny AND if you decide to let one of the Builder Advantage Realty Realtors work for you, at closing we will reimburse commission dollars to you - 1 1/2% of the purchase price of your new home, to spend as you desire.
Your chosen Realtor will also still get paid by the seller.

2. Realtors have access to the MLS, which is the most accurate and comprehensive database of available homes that exists.  Sites like trulia and zillow and searches found on other agents websites ONLY list those lisings if previous permission had been granted.  Only about 60% of the MLS is on these sites

3. Realtors have acces to the Florida Assn of Realtors and Florida BAR contracts.

4. You are not saving the deal any money if you do not have your own representation! What ends up happening is that the listing agent is paid all the commission. Typically, the Owner pays the same commission if there is a buyer's agent or not.  So why not let someone HELP YOU?

5 A real estate professional will look out for your interests. Negotiating the most favorable price and terms and guiding you through inspections, financing, and all of the other important steps.  Do you really think the Owner's Realtor will look out for you equally?

6. Work with One Realtor only. If you call random agents then you are starting from ground zero every time.

Advise on "Fix-Up" Costs

Imagine how wonderful it would be to instantly receive experienced advise on ways to fix-up the home and the costs involved.

If you are a buyer this instant knowledge could allow you to quickly "value"the needed improvements preventing you from loosing the sale or expensive surprises.

The Home Value Tour

          If you are a Buyer, the Value and Quality of the Home's Features can be analyzed as you initially tour the home with one of our Builder Advantage Realtors.

Additionally, a spreadsheet analysis will be presented comparing the values of all homes being considered.

Click here for an example of this Comparitive Home Features Analysis.